David Kartsonis

Candidate for
Board of Trustees
El Camino College - Area 4

• Former ECC Foundation Board Member and President
• Former ECC Bond Oversight Committee Member

• Taught as a TA at El Camino College
• Graduated from El Camino College

I’m David Kartsonis, former At 13-years-old I was the youngest student to attend El Camino College and it has been a pivotal part of my life since. 20 years later, I'm a co-owner of a successful Torrance-based family business. Nearly lifelong South Bay residents, my wife and I chose North Torrance as the place to buy our home and raise our two wonderful children.
My record shows that not only am I passionate about the success of El Camino College, but that I have a strong financial background.  These next few years are going to be very difficult and I have experience both in growing my own business and the El Camino College Foundation in times of economic difficulties.

I’m the best candidate for trustee because I have a passion for the institution, a track record of fiscal responsibility, and the ability to serve as a bridge for public and private support of the college.

The Issues

My top three main priorities are:
1. Maintain solvency. Keep the budget balanced in these unprecedented economic times while ensuring students will receive a top rate education.
2. Serve as a representative for all three key stakeholder groups in the college - Taxpayers who created and fund the college, Students who the taxpayers created the college for, and Teachers/Staff who are the engine of the college allowing it to function.
3. Grow opportunities for the local community to utilize and support the college. I plan to continue serving as an ambassador of the college in the community.

Key Programs

1. South Bay Promise - While President of the El Camino College Foundation, the South Bay Promise was a major program we helped start.  The idea was to facilitate a direct path into college for our local graduates.  While the South Bay Promise is primarily a scholarship program, the key to ensuring student success was incorporating specialized counseling and a cohort model.  As Trustee, I strongly want to continue working to grow this program.
2. Warrior Pantry - As President of the El Camino College Foundation, a key project we helped fund was the Warrior Pantry.  A shocking number of our students suffer from food insecurity.  If students are struggling to make ends meet just so they can eat, how can we expect them to excel academically?  It’s essential that we continue confronting and resolving difficulties faced by our students.
3. Chrome Books - During my ECC Foundation Presidency, we partnered with the district to fund a Chrome Book pilot program.  Little did we know how important this program would be in the near future…   We need to support innovative solutions like this especially while it’s unsafe to have students in computer labs, the library, and classrooms.
4. Public Private Partnerships - As a Foundation Board Member, we pushed the college to allow naming rights.  In the past, campus assets could only be named after former ECC Deans; however, a key tool in any university/college non-profit’s tool belt is naming rights.  We finally were able to secure that AND we were able to create the first Endowed Chair at a community college in California.  As the state budget gets more undependable, we need to look to Public Private Partnerships to further insulate ourselves.

Community Minded

Volunteer Service Postions at El Camino College

El Camino College Foundation

As President of the El Camino College Foundation Board of Directors for two terms - with our excellent staff and my executive committee we revitalized the board, grew private donations by 50% and Foundation assets by an unprecedented $1,500,000.

El Camino College Foundation

Served on the Board of Directors for 10 years.  Helped to create many programs now active in the college.  During my  Presidency we awarded an estimated 1300 scholarships and $1,600,000 in support.  Executive Produced “The Road Ahead” celebrity benefit at El Camino.

El Camino College Teacher’s Aide

Served as Teacher’s Aide for Human Anatomy and Microbiology classes at El Camino College.

El Camino Community College District Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

Appointed by the Board of Trustees to ensure every dollar of $744,000,000 in bond money was spent appropriately and as promised.

Dancing With The South Bay Stars

I was asked to dance in the 2019 Dancing With The South Bay Stars.  Naturally, I chose the El Camino College Foundation as my charity.

Other Volunteer Work in the Community

Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation

Vice-President of TOCA.

Torrance City Commissioner

Torrance City Council appointed City Commissioner.

Redondo Beach Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy

A class 20 alumnus of this program.

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Tech Talks program for several years.

10,000 Small Businesses 

I’m a alumnus of this program and have represented small businesses to elected state and national leaders.

Redondo Beach Youth Commissioner

Redondo Beach City Council appointed City Commissioner.


These endorsements are from the individuals listed and unless explicitly stated, should not be perceived as an official endorsement from the organizations they represent. Titles are listed for identification purposes only.

California State Assembly

George Nakano - Former California State Assemblyman; Former teacher; Former President of the El Camino College Foundation; El Camino College Distinguished Alumnus

Torrance City Council

Mayor Patrick J. Furey - Mayor of the City of Torrance; El Camino College Distinguished Alumnus
Councilwoman Heidi Ann Ashcraft - Torrance Councilwoman; Former TUSD School Board Member
Councilman George K. Chen
Councilman Tim Goodrich

Councilman Mike Griffiths
Councilwoman Sharon Kalani
Councilman Aurelio Mattucci

Hawthorne City Council

Alex Vargas - Mayor

El Camino College Board of Trustees

Bill Beverly
- President of Board of Trustees; Trustee Area 3
Ken Brown - Trustee Area 1; Community College Instructor
Mary Combs - Outgoing Incumbent - Trustee Area 4
Nilo Vega Michelin - Trustee Area 2; Teacher
Cliff Numark - Trustee Area 5; Former Torrance City Councilman
Siannah Collado Boutté - Former ECC Trustee, Former ECC ASO President
Eman Dalili - Former Trustee; Former ECC Student Body President; Gubernatorial Appointee to the California Board of Governors
Brooke Matson - Former Trustee; Current Board Member of the El Camino College Foundation
John Vargas - Former Trustee Area 2; Education Professional

El Camino College Staff/Faculty

El Camino College Police Officer’s Association
Dr. Aura Imbarus
- Instructor at ECC and Teacher at TUSD

Torrance Unified School District

Terry Ragins - President TUSD School Board
Betty Lieu
- Vice President TUSD School Board
Jeremy Gerson - TUSD School Board Member
James Han
-  TUSD School Board Member
Don Lee - TUSD School Board Member; Former Torrance City Councilman

Lawndale Elementary School District

Bonnie J. Coronado
- School Board President
Cathy Burris - School Board Member
Adim Morales 
- School Board Member
Shirley Rudolph - School Board Member; Board Clerk

Centinela Valley Union High School District

Hugo Rojas - Vice President and School Board Member
Marisela Ruiz - Clerk and School Board Member

Hawthorne School District

Dr. Eugene Krank - Vice-President Hawthorne School Board; ECCCD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Appointee
Sergio R. Mortara - Board Member and Clerk Hawthorne School Board

El Camino College Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

Gino DiGregorio - ECCCD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Appointee; Board Member of the El Camino College Foundation
Laurie McCarthy - ECCCD Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Appointee; Board Member of the El Camino College Foundation

Torrance City Commissioners

William “Dan” Feliz - Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Commission
Dan Thomas - Chairman of the Traffic Commission
Asam Sheikh - Vice Chair of the Planning Commission
Jean Adelsman - Civil Service Commissioner; Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation Board Member
Ed Candioty - Parks and Recreation Commissioner; Former Cultural Arts Commissioner
Bob Habel - Traffic Commissioner
Dr. Laurie Love - Parks and Recreation Commissioner; El Camino College Foundation Board Member
Dr. Anil Muhammed - Cultural Arts Commissioner; Community College Instructor; Torrance Unified School District Personnel Commissioner; Member of the Arts Council of Torrance; Board Member of the Personnel Commissions Association of Southern California
Ron Riggs - Historic Preservation Commissioner; Former 1st Vice-President of the El Camino College Foundation

Community Leaders

Dan Ashcraft - Small business owner; Torrance Police Department Chaplain; Former Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation Board Member
Lomita Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Waronek - Former President of El Camino College Foundation; Former President of Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce; Former Mayor of Lomita
Martha Deutsch - Former Torrance Unified School District Board Member; Current Torrance Education Foundation President
Terry Furey - Torrance Unified School District Personnel Commissioner; 1st VP of North Torrance Neighborhood Association; Torrance Education Foundation Board of Directors Member
Marianne Hamada - President of the North Torrance Neighborhood Association
Mary Hoffman - Former President, Vice President, and Treasurer of TEF; President of the Torrance Rose Float Association for 16 years
Sherry Kramer - El Camino College Distinguished Alumna
Rachael Steven - Former Torrance Education Foundation Board Member and Former El Camino College Foundation Board Member
Tasha Gwilt - Local Business Owner


These photos are from events where I represented El Camino College, the El Camino College Foundation, or other personal events.  Appearance of individuals in the photos should not be perceived as an official endorsement.

David, wife Mia, former assemblyman George Nakano, brother-in-law Aaron Steven, and sister Rachael KartsonisDSC_0191.JPGJim Sala, El Camino College Foundation VP Michael Hirsch, and DavidJim Sala, El Camino College Foundation VP Michael Hirsch, and David7DSC_0042DSC_0042Rachael and David with Mark WaronekRachael and David with Mark WaronekDBenoit076B53382608_2503926559635209_3247669323648466944_n53382608_2503926559635209_3247669323648466944_n73032529_10107488642327577_7735464532226605056_n10988921_10103731045401937_1428809601121675266_o62517303_10107218827827997_1112720709500534784_n62517303_10107218827827997_1112720709500534784_nIMG_2778.JPGIMG_2778.JPG


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